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Directional Sounders

Exit point directional sounders help with the confusion to guide occupants to the nearest exit point, directional sounders has been shown to decrease evacuation time up to 75 percent, time is essential when life's can be saved.
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  1. System Sensor PF24V

    Works Open Areas, Corridors Stairs, Provides Fifteen, Different Language Selections, Provides Optional Disable

    Model No : System Sensor PF24V
  2. System Sensor HW-LF

    Tamper-Resistant Construction, Plug-In Design, Minimal Intrusion, Into The Back Box, Electrically Compatible With Legacy Spectralert Devices, Compatible With Mdl3 Sync Module, Listed for Ceiling or Wall Mounting

    Model No : System Sensor HW-LF
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2 Item(s)

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