Do Cameras with Cut Wires Work? 1

We use cameras every day in our surveillance systems. They have become a very important part of our lives in the last few years. As a result, it is important to know if the cameras have any important or glaring weaknesses that could be exploited. One such weakness that a lot of people seem to think exists is their wires being cut.

What wire cutting does

Although it is true that cutting the wires of a CCTV camera can disable a lot of cameras, it is not true for all cameras. Most burglars that try to bypass CCTV cameras often use this technique. They will cut the cables so that the camera is disabled and then they will make their move. However, it does not always end up with the same outcome. There is a variation of things that can happen and we will go over all of those in this article:

  • Disabling the camera: the most common thing that can happen if the wires of a camera are cut off is that it will disable the camera. A camera being disabled means that it will cease to work. It could be from the wires being cut or it could also be because of the camera lens being damaged. If a camera was vandalized or disabled because the wires are cut is usually a red flag that a burglar was around.
  • Pausing the camera: There are some CCTV cameras that can work even if their wires are cut. It largely depends on the internal batteries of the camera. There are some cameras that use SD cards as a means of storage. These cards can still record if the wires are cut if they have a backup battery. If a camera is paused, it can be very easily activated by using an app or a browser. The fix is relatively easy because a replacement wire is not that difficult to find.
  • Jamming the cameras: the way jamming works is that a machine transmits high-frequency waves to block the signals of a camera. These are usually used to block the signal of a security camera. Cameras that are wireless are able to work in these scenarios as long as they have an internet connection and a battery.

What you need to know before buying cameras

As this article might have already shown you, there are a lot of cameras that can work with cut wires. This article will discuss a few variations of those cameras:

  • Solar panel cameras: Solar panel cameras utilize solar panels to get power. Scenarios, where you might have issues with birds, rats, or squirrels, may require you to use cameras like this. Animals can very well cut the wires and the wires being cut can result in the camera losing power. Solar Panel cameras can very easily avoid that.
  • Battery operated cameras: These cameras operate only on batteries and do not require any sort of wiring. It is very easy to think that battery-operated cameras are very easy to use but that is definitely not the case. So, when considering buying these, be aware of the issues associated with the batteries used by these cameras.
  • SD cameras: Battery operated cameras usually do not need the internet connection as they usually utilize an SD card for storage. As a result, even if wires are cut, it will not affect the operation of the camera much.
  • Wired Cameras: These kinds of cameras are the ones that have the most issues. They have one wire that connects them to the power supply and then there is another Ethernet cable that connects them to a DVR or NVR. If the wires are cut for these kinds of cameras, the camera will be disabled very easily.
  • Wireless Cameras: Wireless cameras have a lot fewer cables than wired cameras. In fact, they only have two. Most of these cameras can work even when the wires are cut.

Conclusion This camera should teach you how the different kinds of cameras work when it comes to wires. There are a lot of different variations and as a result, it might be a bit complicated. If you need any more information, feel free to look up a few more of our articles and feel free to reach out in case you have any questions.

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