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When it comes to installing a surveillance system for the first time, many beginners opt to use dome cameras. As the name suggests, these cameras are enclosed in a dome-shaped casing. Due to their unique design, these cameras have so many benefits that make them a popular choice for video surveillance. However, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind when deciding which camera would best suit your needs.

Dome Camera Pros

Inconspicuous Design

The main reason why people and businesses choose to install these cameras is because their design is inconspicuous. They’re compact and are not as bulky-looking as bullet cameras. Since they’re not as noticeable, many public places use these because they can blend into any surrounding and does not affect the interior aesthetic. Not only that, the design does not draw attention so it’s better for covert surveillance.

Discreet Surveillance

Since the camera is enclosed in a protective dome casing, it can be difficult to see where the cameras lens is pointing. Because of this, dome cameras are frequently used in shopping areas to monitor and deter theft. Since shoplifters won’t be able to see where the camera is pointing, they won’t be able to determine where the camera’s blind spots are. In addition, they won’t be able to figure out what the camera can view in order to avoid it. As a result, they may think twice about stealing because their chances of getting caught is higher.

Vandal Resistant

Dome cameras are frequently regarded as vandal-proof cameras. The reason for this is because the dome shape makes it hard for people to yank it off ceilings to disconnect it. The protective shell also prevents people from grabbing onto it to position the camera to point somewhere else. Lastly, these cameras are made from extremely durable material that allows them to withstand damage.

Dome Camera Cons

Inconvenient Installation & Adjustment

Although these cameras are not that difficult to mount, the installation can be inconvenient because they must be mounted on ceilings. Not only that, it can be a hassle to adjust them. Adjusting the position of the lens and the view would require you to take down the camera and disassemble it. Since the camera is encased in a shell, you would have to take off the covering to get access to the camera inside. Other cameras don’t need to be taken apart and remounted; they can just be positioned differently on the mount to point elsewhere.

Limited Range

The main benefit of dome cameras is their compact size, but their size requires them to use smaller lenses. Since the lenses are smaller, their viewing range will be smaller as well. Because of this, they’re typically used for indoor environments because they are not able to record extended distances like parking lots or fields. However, they do tend to have a wider view.

Wrap Up

Dome cameras are a common choice because their design makes them aesthetically pleasing and vandal-proof. However, when choosing the right security camera, you should think about what areas you want to monitor. These cameras have a shorter distance view and are difficult to reposition so if those are important things to have for you, a different type of camera would be best.

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