Dome security cameras are a common fixture in many shopping centers and other public spaces due to their compact design and efficiency. Although typically used in indoor settings, we offer a variety of outdoor dome security cameras as well. These cameras come in a round dome shape that can easily blend into any environment while obscuring the direction the lens is pointing. Despite the small size, users can expect the same high quality recordings seen in other security cameras.

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1. Why the dome structure?
The dome construction allows for the camera to work in low-light or no-light settings due to the built-in infrared LEDs. Due to its simple design, dome security cameras tend to be unnoticeable. Many users install these cameras at front doors, churches, or other places where visitors may not anticipate surveillance cameras
2. What kind of variety does the dome camera have?
The dome security camera offers variety in terms of shape, size, and angle. Some cameras are packed with night vision while others have pan-tilt-zoom features and motion sensors. These cameras can be placed practically anywhere
3. Are all dome cameras vandal-proof?
Some dome security cameras are vandal-proof, but for those that aren’t, the inconspicuous design does prevent some crime. The camera lens is protected, making the camera more durable. People tend to not be able to tell which direction the lens of the camera is pointing, thus adding to its discreet style and hopefully deterring criminals with a sense of uncertainty.

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