Dortronics 1155


Dortronics 1155: Outswinging Double Door Electromagnetic Lock, 1500 Pounds Holding Force, Split Armature Mounting, Shallow Mounting Profile, Low Efficient Current Draw, Field Selectable Voltage

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Dortronics 1155 Outswinging Split Armatures Double Door Electromagnetic Lock



Solid, secure door control is possible with this state of the art electromagnetic lock. Capable of providing over 1500 pounds of holding force, per door leaf, these locks are available in models for single and pairs of out-swinging or in-swinging doors. Filler plates, angle brackets, and other mounting adapters allow easy installation on a wide range of door and frame types and conditions.


All ULTRA-LOCK electro-magnetic locking devices are inherently fail-safe, releasing instantly upon command or loss of power. With no moving parts to wear, stick or bind; no mechanical linkages to bend or break; and no bolt travel time or misalignment concerns, both locking and unlocking are accomplished with ease and efficiency.


Included in the armature mounting pack is a specially designed shoulder screw to insure proper floating action of the door mounted armature. This mounting screw can be fully tightened without affecting floating action. Roll pins are furnished also to allow the armature to flex while maintaining alignment.




  • 1500 Pounds Holding Force (750 lbs. per leaf)
  • Shallow 2 5/8 Mounting Profile
  • Low Efficient Current Draw
  • Easy Access Security Housing
  • Field Selectable 12 or 24 Voltage
  • Safe Operation
  • NFPA Life Safety Compatible
  • Universal Control
  • Extended Service


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