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Mapping Drones

Mapping Drones
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  1. Xfold Travel-8URTF Dual Operator Drone Camera

    Frame is designed, manufactured, built and assembled in the USA
    Payload capacity of up to 15kg (33 lbs)
    Flexible configurations for mapping, surveying, inspections, photography and Search & Rescue
    Dual operators – Full HD live downlink

    Model No : Travel-8URTF

    Regular Price: $11,999.00

    Special Price $10,799.10

  2. Draganflyer X4-P Series DF-X4P-BASE Drone

    • Invented Folding Airframe: A leader in innovation and style, we invented the folding airframe with the release of our original Draganflyer X6 system back in 2008. Many factors ought to be thought-about when buying alittle remote-controlled craft System. At the highest of the list: reliable, practical, fast to deploy, and also the ability to systematically deliver top quality knowledge.
    • Custom handheld remote control: Touchscreen, real-time measure, and precise management. There's no approximation regarding the status of your aircraft; real-time aircraft data is there at your fingertips to supply altitude, heading, bearing, battery voltage, GPS status, airspeed, rate of ascent, and far a lot of. Sonic alarms alert when critical status changes, the top quality OLED touchscreen show is daylight visible. Wirelessly connect a second controller for flight coaching or devoted lensman.
    • Powerful Aerial Imaging: Whether it’s prime quality aerial stills, video, thermal, or multispectral data, Draganfly partners with the best-of-the-best within the business to produce a robust, quality solution. Powerful is our dual payload system, on-the-fly switching between color and thermal FLIR imaging, beaming live video from either camera to the hand held controller or show. All appliance are 2-axis brushless stabilised and with an extra hand-held controller.
    • Quick-release Payloads: Change payload choices in seconds. The Draganfly Quick-Release (QR) payload is clean, simple, fast, and even higher it eliminates the necessity for untidy cables between the payload and heavier-than-air craft. The benefit: Quick-release Propellers, Intelligent Battery, Ultraportable Transport Case

    Model No : DF-X4P-BASE

    Regular Price: $15,995.00

    Special Price $14,395.50

  3. Draganflyer Commander DF-CMDR-BASE Drone

    • Space saving design for user friendly transportation
    • Designed for large land area or long on-station time
    • Two camera system that operates as one
    • Quick-release Propellers
    • Quick-release Payloads

    Model No : DF-CMDR-BASE

    Regular Price: $22,495.00

    Special Price $20,245.50

  4. Draganflyer Guardian DF-GUARDIAN-BASE Drone

    • SteadyFlight system: Both the hardware and software of the advanced SteadyFlight autopilot system was designed in-house by the Draganfly team. Featuring 11 on-board sensors the SteadyFlight system is constantly monitoring the attitude of the aircraft and in real-time providing control and telemetry data data to the handheld controller.
    • Data logging: Flight data logging is captured in real-time to a removable micro-SD memory card on the handheld controller and optionally on the base station computer when used.
    • Fail safe systems: In the event of an excessively low battery condition or lost data link condition the helicopter will “auto-land”.
    • System API: For those looking to do more, a full Application Programming Interface kit is optionally available allowing you to control the aircraft from your computer or whatever means that you develop.
    • Note: These items are Built to Order - Allow 8 week lead time


    Regular Price: $7,995.00

    Special Price $7,195.50

  5. Dronevolt dv-Wing Arial Mapping Solution

    • High Quality Material: The aircraft body is made in a single injection of EPO which is an exceedingly reliable material in spite of when used several time.
    • Caméra: 18.2 megapixel high resolution camera with an additional stabilization system, producing very high quality photos and videos. Accurate Ortho-photos with 1:500, 1:1000, and 1:2000 scales can be recorded with great fidelity.
    • Performances De Vol: The DV WING can fly up to 85 minutes and has a wingspan of less than 3.3 feet (1 meter) and a total weight of less than 2.2 lbs (1kg) for more competent operations.

    Model No : dv-Wing

    Regular Price: $8,100.00

    Special Price $7,290.00

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5 Item(s)

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