Bosch DVR-5000-16A201


Bosch DVR-5000-16A201 divar 5000 960h realtime, 16 ch. looping video, 4 ch. audio, int. dvd, 2tb hdd, Simultaneous monitoring, recording and playback

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Bosch DVR-5000-16A201
Bosch DVR-5000-16A201 is the Divar 5000 DVR with latest 960H high resolution. It has 16-Ch. looping video and 4-Ch. looping audio. It uses latest H.264 video and G.711 audio compression technology to dramatically reduce storage space, without compromise in image and audio quality.
Outstanding Features
Bosch DVR-5000-16A201 is very easy to use. The DVR can control pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) equipment via RS 485 / RS 232 serial communications. It has an extensive alarm handling functions like local inputs and relay outputs. Whenever an alarm is detected it notifies the user by email, On-screen message or sounding a buzzer indicating a warning. It also has a selectable PAL/NTSC TV monitor output mode. It can be easily operated and programmed via OSD using the mouse, front-panel keys, remote control or a connected keyboard. It has a built-in DVD burner so you can take the back-up externally. It has mobile device support for iOS and Android. To enhance your security further, it has a secret recording channel that can be locked for unauthorized viewing.




  • 16 Channel Video Recording (Looping Outputs)
  • 960H RT high-resolution on HDMI output (960×480 – NTSC / 960×576 – PAL)
  • H.264 Compression
  • Mobile device support (iOS, Android)
  • Network function for remote viewing, playback, control and alarm notification
  • Simultaneous monitoring, recording and playback
  • RS-485 / RS-232 serial ports to control movable cameras (PTZ)
  • 4 Audio Inputs / 1 Output  
  • Selectable PAL/NTSC TV monitor output mode
  • Secret (covert) recording channel that can be locked for unauthorized viewing
  • Keyboard and e-SATA connections, plus video loop through
  • Built-in DVD+R/RW Writer


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