Bosch DVR-670-08A001


Bosch DVR-670-08A001 dvr 670 series h.264 4cif real-time recorder, 8 ch. video, 4 ch. audio, internal dvd, no hdd (requires dvr 600 storage expansion kit), Easy pan / tilt / zoom camera control

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Bosch DVR-670-08A001
Bosch DVR-670-08A001 is an 8 Ch. Video 4 Ch. Audio Internal DVD. It comes with 3 year included warranty.
Bosch DVR-670-08A001 is a 670 series DVR with H.264 video compression and with 8/16 4CIF real-time recorder. The DVR requires no DVD and no HDD, hence always a ready-to-use DVR. It has a flexible high resolution HDMI and VGA monitor outputs. A hybrid camera for viewing and recording is also provided. It features a highly reliable embedded design that minimizes maintenance and reduces operational costs.
Bosch DVR-670-08A001 uses H.264 video compression technology to dramatically reduce the amount of storage and bandwidth needed while still producing a better image quality. The DVR can record multiple video and audio signals while simultaneously providing live multi-screen viewing. It can record at up to 25 (PAL) / 30 (NTSC) ips, per channel at 4CIF resolution. Also, alarm recordings (input and motion) and continuous recordings can be split over two partitions. It controls PTZ via RS 485/ RS 232 serial communications. 
With various recording options available, Bosch DVR-670-08A001 can record up to Max. 30 IPS per channel, configurable: 30, 15, 7.5, 5, 3, 1 in NTSC and Max. 25 IPS per channel, configurable: 25, 12.5, 6.25, 5, 2.5, 1 in PAL. In normal partition Continuous recording, with or without overwriting, options are available and for event partition options available are Input and motion recording, with or without overwriting.
For video outputs, Monitor A is of configuration VGA (Default) or HDMI while of Monitor B, it is Monitor B: HDMI (Default) or CVBS. The digital zoom is upto 2x. For audio output, it is Mono RCA, 1.0 Vp with ADPCM compression and 8-bit as bit rate. The alarm handling with 4 Relay outputs, configurable NO/NC, maximum rated 30 VAC, 40 VDC 0.5A continuous or 10 VA is also there.




  • 8-channel 4CIF real-time digital recording
  • Flexible high-resolution HDMI and VGA monitor outputs
  • Easy pan / tilt / zoom camera control
  • Remote viewing, playback, control, and configuration
  • DVR Viewer iPhone app


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