Bosch DVR-670-08A201


Bosch DVR-670-08A201 dvr 670 series h.264 4cif real-time recorder, 8 ch. video, 4 ch. audio, internal dvd, 2tb hdd, Easy pan / tilt / zoom camera control

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Bosch DVR-670-08A201
Bosch DVR-670-08A201 DVR belongs to 670 series with h.264 4cif real time recorder. It comes with 2TB HDD. 
The Bosch DVR-670-08A201 has 8/16 4CIF real-time digital recording. The DVR has Flexible high-resolution HDMI and VGA monitor outputs. It has an option of hybrid camera for viewing and recording. It also has mobile device support for viewing. The video compression technology used is the advanced H.264. The DVR requires no DVD and no HDD. A hybrid camera for viewing and recording is also provided.
Technical Features
Bosch DVR-670-08A201 uses H.264 video compression technology to reduce the space required by 30% but without compromising with the quality of the video. It can record at up to 25 (PAL) / 30(NTSC) ips, per channel at 4CIF resolution. The unit can be easily operated and programmed via the on-screen display menu system using the front panel control keys, the mouse, an IntuiKey Series keyboard or the supplied remote control. The DVR can record multiple video and audio signals while simultaneously providing live multi-screen viewing. Automatic gain adjustment for each video input feature is also there.  Also, alarm recordings (input and motion) and continuous recordings can be split over two partitions. It controls PTZ via RS 485/ RS 232 serial communications.
Recording Credentials
With various recording options available, Bosch DVR-670-08A201 can record up to Max. 30 IPS per channel, configurable: 30, 15, 7.5, 5, 3, 1 in NTSC and Max. 25 IPS per channel, configurable: 25, 12.5, 6.25, 5, 2.5, 1 in PAL. In normal partition Continuous recording, with or without overwriting, options are available and for event partition options available are Input and motion recording, with or without overwriting. The overwrite mode can then be selected separately for each partition. It is compatible with DVR Viewer iPhone app. Comprehensive search and playback functions provide quick recall and viewing of recorded video. The recorder is also available with a built-in DVD writer. System




  • 8-channel 4CIF real-time digital recording
  • Flexible high-resolution HDMI and VGA monitor outputs
  • Easy pan / tilt / zoom camera control
  • Remote viewing, playback, control, and configuration
  • DVR Viewer iPhone app


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