DVR Storage Space – How Much Do I Need? 4

Like so many other things in the world, the topic of DVR storage creates extremes.  When I ask a customer how long they want to record I either get 8 hrs or 1 year.  Both of these are not realistic.  Even the smallest hard drive will get a couple of days at least and 1 year is only possible with a CCTV system larger than the average person wants to get.  What we need to think about is how the system will be used and what the system is for.

DVR Storage for a Home Owner

In a home, people have security systems to deter and catch crime.  A lot of times, they think if something happens I will know about it within 12 hrs.  Even though on regular days a person may only be away from home for 12 hrs max, we need to think of worst case scenario.  For a home owner I recommend at least 10 days of DVR storage space.  That way, even if the person goes on a week vacation, it gives them enough time to come back, notice something, find the footage, and download it.

DVR Storage for a Business Owner

When business customers call, they are concerned with not only crime, but also liability issues.  They want to store DVR footage for years upon years.  This is possible, for a price.  A price most people do not want to spend.  Now we need to think of the likelihood that an incident will go unreported for months or years.  For a business I recommend 2 months of DVR storage space.  It is easily affordable while still providing a good amount of time.  If there is footage that needs to be saved, then it can be downloaded to a DVD or a thumb drive and saved forever.

For whatever your application, think about the practical uses of the DVR and consult a sales rep for the right hard drive.  Call 2MCCTV for assistance: 1-877-926-2288


  1. Are there any decoy dvr boxes on the market so I can conceal the dvr that is recording?

    Robert tailor
  2. I generally find that 2 weeks is about right for a home owner and 30-45 days is sufficient for a business. But determining the amount of storage is more art than science. So – in the end – it is the amount of storage that makes the home or business owner comfortable.

  3. I set-up a security system for a client using 7 cameras on a 8 channel system. She call me up a month later because someone had unlawfully entered her neighbors home, one of the cameras on her system had a clear view of the neighbors driveway. she ask me to search the tape for evidence. to my surprise!!! the system was only recording, 24 7, 3.4 days. realizing this at the expense of the neighbor was a life saver for me. make sure, as I always will, that the recording time is adequate. is there a simple formula!!

  4. an average 800 tvl camera consumes 8 to 11 GB per day on a 24 hr surveillance..

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