DynaLock 6700

DynaLock 6700 Series: PUSH to EXIT Push Plate, “PUSH TO EXIT in Black Letters, FORM Z Contacts, 10/6 Amps Contact Rating, Single Gang Plate, Satin Aluminum Finish

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DynaLock 6700 Series Standard Push to Exit Pushplate



DynaLock push plates offer a heavy duty alternative to standard pushbutton egress controls. They are available with either pneumatic time delay (PTD), momentary (all-active), or alternate-action switches, in standard or recessed style. All models fit into a single gang box.


Precision machined from solid 6061 aluminum, DynaLock Pushplates are designed to withstand high-traffic, abusive environments, while maintaining an attractive appearance. Over travel is eliminated by design thus prolonging switch life. All models feature engraved PUSH TO EXIT signage and are available in eight architectural anodized finishes. Consult the factory for special engraving.


Specify for controlled egress anywhere a pushbutton would typically be used.




  • Contact Options:
    • FORM Z Contacts (SPDT-Double Break) (6700)
    • SPDT Alternate Action Contact (6710)
    • DPDT Alternate Action Contact (6720)
    • SPDT Momentary Contact (6730)
    • DPDT Momentary Contact (6740)
  • Contact Ratings:
    • 10 Amps @ 125VAC / UL (6700)
    • 6 Amps @ 125VAC / UL (6710, 6720, 6730, 6740)
  • 7 Color-Coded 18AWG leads or screw terminal
  • Single Gang Plate
  • Engraved PUSH TO EXIT in black letters
  • US28 Satin Aluminum Finish


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