e-DATA DU: Access Control Door Interface, Wiegand/RS485 Reader Inputs, Local Power to Readers, Locking Hardware/Sounder,Reader Beeper and LED Control, Frame Contact Status

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e-DATA DU Access Control Door Interface



Supported by all e-DATA Master Unit controllers, the Door Unit provides the interface for all access point control hardware and readers. Each door unit provides two reader connections supporting two control modes; single door secured exit or two individual doors using a Request for Exit configuration.


From 4 to 12 Door Units are supported by the Master Unit controller series with each supporting two reader connections for a total of eight to 24 locally connected readers respectfully. When configured using a Master Unit, the Door Unit supports all standard access control readers using an RS485 or Wiegand data connection.


The Door Unit connects easily with a Master Unit controller using an RS485 connection to provide a scalable solution by simply adding additional Door Units for distances up to 4000 feet. All Door Unit connections come with pre-defined factory defaults that can easily be customized from a supported Master Unit controller built-in access control application software.




  • Reader inputs (Wiegand/RS485 configurable)
  • Reader beeper and LED control
  • Local Power to Readers
  • Locking hardware/sounder
  • REX devices
  • Frame contact status
  • Tamper/Lockdown
  • RS485 communication with Master Units
  • I/O remapping via Master Unit embedded application software


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