Employee Attendance Tracking Solution

What is the Problem?

Managing employee attendance is one of the most important tasks a business or workplace performs on a daily basis. Employees are a form of human resources for a company, but they are also an important expense. Like any other expense, the amount of hours employees work need to be well documented and recorded. There are many different software and programs that track attendance, but they are inefficient and inaccurate systems. These outdated systems are prone to common issues such as:

  • Buddy Punching; situation where an employee has another employee clock in/out for them in their absence
  • Attendance fraud, or employees changing their clock in/out times to get paid for hours they didn’t work
  • Employees forgetting to log their hours with no way for the company to confirm
  • Dispatched or off-site employees clocking in when they are not at the designated worksite
  • Cross-contamination if employees are required to punch in/out using a shared device

Proposed Solution

Face Recognition Time Clock

Employers can easily and accurately keep track of employee hours with a face recognition time clock system. This system will require employees to clock in/out using face recognition which prevents buddy punching and other time card manipulations. The face recognition terminals can be installed in front of key entrances for contactless and instantaneous attendance tracking.


Reduces Costs

Face recognition ensures that employees won't be able to change time cards or use buddy punching. This means less money will be spent overpaying employees for time they did not work.

Accurate Tracking

Faces are recognized with an accuracy rate of >99% and supports anti-spoofing detection to protect against fraud.


Terminals are able to recognize faces with no contact necessary, which minimizes the spread of infection and illnesses.

Instant Recognition

Our technology has the fastest recognition time of 0.2 seconds to employees can be checked in quickly before the start of each shift. This also ensures employees don't forget to clock in/out.


Face recognition can be integrated with existing keycard access systems and can support up to 10,000 registered personnel for scalability.

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