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ETS-SMI5 Four Zone Audio Surveillance Kit


ETS SMI5 4 zone audio surveillance kit,connect to video recorders,connect to audio recorders ,connect to remote monitoring equipment,connect to CCTV monitors (with built in speakers)


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 The ETS SM5 is our best seller for an indoor 4 channel audio kit.  The kit consists of (4) SM1 microphones and (1) SMI4 audio distribution box (1) 12 volt DC power supply (4) RCA to RCA cables, and (1) window sticker.  The SM1 microphones are indoor, omni-directional microphones built into a single gang wall plate.  They are perfect for office or retail environments.  Once installed on a ceiling the microphone will be hardly noticeable. The audio produced is clear and it delivers a 25’ radius of surveillance.  

The base station combines all 4 channels into one neat and organized box.  One power supply delivers power to all four microphones, reducing the need for multiple plug space.  ETS is a great company based in New Mexico and offer a huge variety of audio solutions.

SM15 4 Zone audio surveillance kit  Features:

  • 4 SM1 Microphones
  • SMI4 Interface Box
  • 12VDC Power Supply
  • Can be used with audio recorders
  • Connects to video recorders
  • Works with remote monitoring equipment
  • Can be connected to CCTV monitors (with built in speakers)


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