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Single Zone, 2 Way, Audio Surveillance System, 16 VAC AC adapter, Warning label

Regular Price $ 609.10 incl.VAT

ETS STW3 is a single zone 2 way audio surveillance system. It can be used independently for monitoring live audio.
ETS STW3 is an audio surveillance kit that includes STW1 Microphone/speaker, STW2 Base station, 16-VAC AC adapter, 3’ Dual RCA Patch cable and a warning label.  The optional accessories are Call Switch button: STW1-C, STW1-S Surface Mount adapter and a RM-4 Rack Mount.
Technical Features
The Mic of ETS STW3 is an Omni-directional element with 25’ range. It has a low MOSFET pre-amplifier. It has a line level with unbalanced output and an adjustable gain. The STW1 Mic has an adjustable gain. It has a switchable treble boost and limiter circuit with easy cable run termination. The configuration of the speaker is 2.25” and .25W with 70V line speaker input. The STW2 Base station has a Built in talk-back microphone & pre-amp with 70V Line speaker output. It has a 3” full inch range speaker. One can use the 3.5mm Headphone jack with it.
Easy Installation and Connection
The ETS STW3 can be surface or flush mounted. It requires Standard RCA jacks for VTR connections. The power requirement of STW2 base station is 16 VAC @ 250mA. It can be used for both recording and playback.




STW3 Single Zone 2 Way Audio Surveillance System Features:

  • STW1 Microphone/speaker.
  • STW2 Base station
  • 16 VAC AC adapter
  • Mounting screws (SM1)
  • 3' Dual RCA Patch cable.
  • Warning label.


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