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Single Zone, 2 Way, Audio Surveillance System, 1ea AC adaptor

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ETS STWI5-W5 is a single zone 2 way audio surveillance system. It is suitable for residential and office applications where decor considerations are important and can be used with DVRs, IP cameras and remote monitoring equipment.
Parts of the Surveillance Kit
ETS STWI5-W5 is an audio surveillance kit that includes STW1-W5 Microphone/speaker, STWI-1 Interface Box, 12Vdc AC adapter, 2 RCA or 3.5mm Patch cables cables and  Warning label. The additional optional accessories are RCA or 3.5mm connectors and STW1-WC4 Call switch button.
The STW1-W5 Mic of ETS STWI5-W5 is an Omni-directional element with 25’ range. It has a treble boost and limiter circuit with On/Off option. The configuration of the speaker is 5” and 15W with 70V line speaker input. It has built in 2 watt speaker power amplifier with adjustable volume control. The STWI5-2 Interface Box provides simple interface between fields wiring and connections to DVR or remote monitoring equipment. It is fused and polarity protected 12Vdc input. The Euro-style connectors make cable terminations fast and clean. It requires 12 VDC power at 250mA with LED indicator.
Flush Mount Installation
The ETS STWI5-W5 can be flush mounted with 2 gang stainless steel plate. One requires 2 each stranded 22-gauge, 2-conductor shielded cable for microphone and speaker and 22 gauge, 2 conductor for call switch.




STWI5-W5 Single Zone 2 Way Audio Surveillance System Features:


  • STW1-W6 microphone/speaker
  • STWI-1 interface box
  • 2ea Warning label
  • 1ea AC adaptor
  • 2ea 3' RCA or 3.5mm patch cables
  • Installation instructions


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