Bosch EX27DMX4V0550W-N


Bosch EX27DMX4V0550W-N ex27 desert cam d/n 550tvl 5-50mm white ntsc, Weather-sealed housing, dust-tight and sandstorm-ready

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power supply


CAT6- Pre-made cable

The EX27D is specifically designed for day/night surveillance in hot, dusty, desert conditions. An optimized heat-sinking design protects the camera from internal overheating caused by solar heat gain. The EX27D delivers reliable performance to 65C (149F). The EX27D Desert camera incorporates MFP (Mechanical Filter with Photocell) technology. Using dual-window mechanical filter technology, the EX27D delivers accurate color during the day and outstanding infrared sensitivity at night.




  • Optimized and tested for hot desert conditions to 65ºC (149ºF)
  • Reflective sun hood prevents glare in sunny conditions
  • Weather-sealed housing, dust-tight and sandstorm-ready
  • Exceptional daytime color reproduction and outstanding night-time performance under infrared
  • Easy access lens and camera OSD adjustments


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