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Because a security system is usually comprised of a wide variety of cameras, equipment, and accessories a lot of them can be volatile. In a scenario where some kind of explosion does take place, it is important to know what kind of equipment will survive that. What this blog will look at is the very niche group of cameras that are applicable in hazardous environments—environments where other equipment simply would not survive.

Explosion proof cameras really shine the most in those hazardous environments. You might be wondering why that is the case. The reason is that they have special enclosures that stop them from exploding in hazardous environments. Why is that important? That is important because they prevent the ignition of surrounding dust or other gaseous products. You might think what might happen if we were to use a regular camera in a hazardous environment like that? The answer is that it would probably add to the situation and worsen an already bad situation.

Who is the authority on products like this?

At this point, you may be wondering who standardizes products like this. Standards for these kinds of products are given by the International Society of Automation. They are a non-profit group and they provide recommendations. You might wonder whether or not they can be trusted and the answer is that they have proved that their recommendations have been successful multiple times and they have advised for design, testing, and construction. So, it truly is a useful safeguard against the formation of a volatile atmosphere in areas where other equipment may prove to be dangerous.

The way it works

The cameras have pressurized gas built into it. the point of that is that it prevents flammable dust or gases from entering the enclosure. If you are interested in how that works, it is because they don’t cause an explosion even if there is a spark. The standards set suggest inert gases to be used. Mainly gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon to name a few.

What standards does it follow?

After creation, to actually meet the requirements, they have to meet the standards set by IECEX or ATEX. ATEX directive was created to help protect workers in case there was a risk of explosion in the workplace. You might wonder why it matters. The reason it matters is that they have the welfare of the workers in mind when they make these standards. They provide regular standards for equipment that is traded in EU and as such, they are a trusted authoritative body


All in all, these kind of cameras avoid sparks because they have gases inside. Because of that, even in volatile scenarios, they do not explode. They have to meet standards set by a governing body and the governing body itself is well known and respected. So, overall, these kind of cameras can offer a comprehensive solution to any kind of volatile environment.

Wrap Up

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