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Veilux SVEX Explosion Proof CCTV Camera

Explosion proof CCTV cameras are not exactly what many first assume they are. These surveillance cameras are not necessarily designed to withstand an explosive blast; being sturdily built, they could survive an explosion. Frankly, not many security cameras are designed that way either. What they are designed to do is to prevent one, an explosion, from occurring when monitoring combustible or highly volatile areas. They are designed to survive in harsh or extreme environments such as gas or steam turbines, chemical processing sites, and petrochemical refineries.

So, you should also expect explosion proof cameras to be able to work in outdoor environments. Explosion proof cameras do it quite well as they have at least an IP67 waterproof rating or higher. This rating reflects the durability of the products, making them a needed security device for fields that include the military, nuclear plants, seafront, harbors, and shipping yards.

The explosion proof CCTV cameras are all special order items, so call a dedicated sales professional for one today! 1-877-926-2288

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  1. Veilux SVEX-171

    17" Explosion Proof Video Surveillance Monitor, 17" Flat Panel Display, Composite Video Input, Plane Board Design, IP65 Rated Protection, Small & Easy Design

    Model No : SVEX-171

    Regular Price: $10,503.75

    Special Price $9,978.56

  2. Veilux SVEX-151

    15 Inch Explosionproof Monitor, Used In Ex-proof Area For Monitoring, Quality LCD Display, Composite Video Signal Input, Plane Board Design For Much Space

    Model No : SVEX-151

    Regular Price: $8,825.00

    Special Price $8,383.75

  3. Veilux SVEX-2028E

    Stainless Steel Construction, Multi-protocol Decoder, Optional Address & Signal Speed, IP-68 Rated, 6 Cable Outlets

    Model No : SVEX-2028E

    Regular Price: $2,965.63

    Special Price $2,817.35

  4. Veilux SVEX-HSF

    Liquid Cooling Dustproof Camera Housing, 2 Cable Outlets At The Rear Of Housing, Indoor & Outdoor Mounting For All Weather, Compressed Air to Form Wind Curtain & Keep Window Clean

    Model No : SVEX-HSF

    Regular Price: $1,730.00

    Special Price $1,643.50

  5. Veilux SVEX-6004C

    Stainless Steel Material, C - For Camera w/ Wiper & Sunshield, Optional Auto-Healing, Applied in Great Change Atmospheres, Tough Steel Glass For Window, Housing Back w/ 2 or 3 Outlets, Indoor & Outdoor Installation For All Weather Use, IP68 Rating

    Model No : SVEX-6004C

    Regular Price: $1,188.75

    Special Price $1,129.31

  6. Veilux SVEX-JXD

    Explosionproof Junction Box,Stainless Steel Material 4 Cable Outlets, IP68, Small Size & Easy Installation & Maintenance

    Model No : SVEX-JXD

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $380.00

  7. SVEX-1301 (WITHOUT IR) 36X

    Key Features:

    • Double Certications
    • 304 or 316L stainless steel material
    • Stand Installation
    • Housing, Pan/Tilt, Decoder Integrated
    • 360° pan continuous rotation
    • +90°~-90° /s rotation speed
    • Indoor/outdoor installation for all weather use
    • IP68
    • Bracket or Base Installation
    • Multiple Protocol

    Model No : SVEX-1301

    Regular Price: $16,488.75

    Special Price $15,664.31

  8. Veilux SVEX-T100A 304

    Explosion Proof Housing, Stainless Steel Material, Steel Glass For Window, For All-Weather Use

    Model No : Stainless 304

    Regular Price: $2,011.25

    Special Price $1,910.69

  9. Veilux SVEX-T300A

    Stainless Steel Material, Inside Be w/ Fixed Lens or Zoom Lens Camera, Steel Glass For Window, 3 Cable Outlets at Housing Rear, IP67 Rating, Indoor or Outdoor For All-Weather Use

    Model No : SVEX-T300A

    Regular Price: $2,215.00

    Special Price $2,104.25

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9 Item(s)

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