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Industrial locations such as oil rigs and chemical plants contain hazardous materials and are often surrounded by harmful gasses and chemicals. This makes surveillance important in case of any accident or incident however, these conditions also make surveillance difficult. Regular surveillance cameras are hazardous to use in these environments because the create risks of explosions and fires.

What makes a camera explosion proof?

Explosion proof cameras are typically class-rated, protected by non-sparking material, capable of containing ignitions within device, Stainless steel or aluminum enclosure, and NEMA-rated for outdoor elements.

Why use?


Industrial locations often use meters and gauges to monitor levels of chemicals or other conditions in the area. This creates an issue if there are numerous amounts of gauges to check or if the meters are in a hard to reach locations. Cameras can be used to constantly monitor these devices while keeping workers at a safe distance. This can not only keep personal safe, It can also save on the cost of supporting equipment, such as hazard suits or tethers, workers would require to access these locations.


These combustible locations frequently contain dangerous and expensive equipment that needs to be kept safe at all times. Additionally, these sites store materials for processing or production that can be costly and toxic so access must be limited. Explosive proof cameras can also be used for general surveillance of employees for safety and conduct. Proper security cameras are incredibly valuable in the case of any incident.


Explosion proof cameras are also useful to ensure personal safety in confined or dangerous spaces where sending multiple people is not an option. Workers can be monitored from a safe distance as they perform whatever task is required and if there is an incident, help is notified immediately. Further, workers can even be equipped with portable cameras if installing surveillance cameras in these locations is not possible.

Other Considerations:

-Camera Style

The style of explosion proof cameras you choose will depend on the type of surveillance you need to do. Explosion proof dome or bullet cameras are a good option for general surveillance. They have limited angles of view but are significantly lighter than Pan Tilt Zoom cameras and tend to be less expensive. PTZ cameras provide more monitoring options, allowing for a greater field of view and increase functionality in a single camera.

-Mounts & Housings

Depending on the application, explosive proof mounts and housing can also be utilized to optimize coverage. Mounts can help position your cameras to obtain optimal coverage of the area while keeping the devices out of the way of any personal or equipment.

Wrap up:

2MCCTV offers a large selection of explosive proof cameras, monitor, mounts and housings for all of your surveillance needs. We also offer customization of explosion proof cameras to give you the perfect security solution for your individual needs. Give us a call today, we have an amazing team of salesmen and technicians who are happy to help you with all of your surveillance needs.

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