2MCCTV carries a variety of camera housings and other accessories that can withstand harsh and extreme environments. As with other explosion-proof products, the explosion-proof camera housings are designed to not cause an explosion in highly combustible or volatile atmospheres. All of the accessories are made with heavy duty stainless steel which helps form a tight seal around the products to ensure that they will not cause any unexpected sparks which may set off combustible environments.

The accessories include brackets, housings, monitors, mounts, and other explosion-proof security camera accessories. Be sure to check out our junction box which is vital for a complete-explosion proof security camera system. The junction box provides a way to connect all the explosion-proof devices together while still maintaining a safe atmosphere.

As with the explosion-proof cameras, these accessories are special order items. One of our trained personnel can assist with choosing the perfect explosion-proof solution for you +1-877-926-2288

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