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Fiber Optic Cables

CCTV technology has slowly moved from analog based technology on coaxial cable to digital systems, compressed and transmitted via local network technologies, typically using Ethernet running Internet Protocol (IP) over UTP cabling. The digitization and compression occurs in the camera or in a local video encoder or back at the control room within a DVR. Fiber Optic Cable is a well established technology that can offer enormous benefits to end users with interference free transmission over almost any distance of high quality video, whether it be in analog, IP or SDI formats.
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  1. 2M Technology SIAMESE-500-BLK 500ft Black Siamese Cable

    • RG-59U & 18/2 Combo Cable 500' Black.
    • RG59 & 18-2 Siamese cable
    • Coax and power cable combined together
    • Solid Copper Core
    • 95% Braid copper for interference protection
    • UL certified

    Model No : SIAMESE-500-BLK

    Regular Price: $118.03

    Special Price $59.00

  2. 2M Technology 2M-60-PM 60ft Pre-made Siamese Coaxial Cable

    60 Feet Premade Siamese Coaxial Cable, White Only, UL Certified. The coax and power cable combined together with Connectors,

    Model No : 2M-60-PM

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price $10.00

  3. 2M Technology 2M-100-PM 100 ft. Pre-made Siamese Coaxial Cable

    • 100 Feet Pre-made Siamese Coaxial Cable
    • White only
    • Pre-Made Cable RG59U & 18/2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCTV camera installation
    • The coax and power cable combined together with Connectors
    • UL certified

    Model No : 2M-100-PM

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $15.00

  4. 2M Technology 2m-150-pm 150ft Premade Siamese Video Coaxial Cable

    • 150 Feet Premade Siamese Coaxial Cable
    • BNC M On Both Ends
    • DC Cord M-F
    • 150ft
    • UL certified

    Model No : 2M-150-PM

    Regular Price: $40.00

    Special Price $20.00

  5. 2M Technology 2M-CAT5e-B-1000ft CAT5e 1000ft Blue Cable

    • PVC Jacket
    • Copper-clad aluminum wire
    • Available in Blue/White/Grey/Yellow
    • Sparker Tested: 1200V
    • Cat5e Standard 

    Model No : 2M-CAT5E-B-1000FT

    Regular Price: $99.98

    Special Price $49.99

  6. 150 ft. pre-made Cat6 cable


    Model No : 2M-CAT6-PM-150FT

    Regular Price: $38.50

    Special Price $19.00

  7. 25 ft. pre-made Cat6 cable

    2M-CAT6-PM-25FT Cable

    Model No : 2M-CAT6-PM-25FT

    Regular Price: $6.83

    Special Price $3.00

  8. 6 ft. pre-made Cat6 cable


    Model No : 2M-CAT6-PM-6FT

    Regular Price: $2.10

    Special Price $1.00

  9. 75 ft. pre-made Cat6 cable

    2M-CAT6-PM-75FT Cable


    Model No : 2M-CAT6-PM-75FT

    Regular Price: $19.60

    Special Price $9.80

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9 Item(s)

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