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Fire Alarm Detectors

Fire Alarm Detectors detect smoke, carbon monoxide and heat. Emergency devices connect to fire alarm panels to trigger an alarm.
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  1. GE Security ESL 541C

    Photoelectric 4-Wire Smoke Detector, 500 series self-diagnostic, direct-wire detectors, maintenance alert, visual and remote trouble condition.

    Model No : GE Security ESL 541C

    Regular Price: $54.40

    Special Price $39.71

  2. GE Security 281B-PL

    Rate-of-rise/Fixed Temperature Heat Detector, UL listed, Single pole, Pure white finish, Mounting flexibility with screw, Easy twist-on installation.

    Model No : GE Security 281B-PL

    Regular Price: $11.46

    Special Price $8.37

  3. GE Security 562NST

    Wireless Photelectric Sounder Smoke/Heat Detector, 3V Lithium battery operated, Field-replaceable optical chamber, Built-in 85dBa temporal, Built-in drift compensation, Optional built-in heat detection.

    Model No : GE Security 562NST

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price $72.99

  4. GE Security TX-6010-01-1

    Photoelectric Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector, Self-Diagnostics, Replaceable optical chamber, 2 3V Lithium batteries, Automatic drift compensation, Alarm signal sent to central station

    Model No : GE Security TX-6010-01-1

    Regular Price: $117.63

    Special Price $85.87

  5. GE Security TS7-2T

    Photoelectric 2-Wire Smoke/Heat Detector, Two or four wire head, self-diagnostic, Built-in drift compensation, Intelligent, Low-profile design.

    Model No : GE Security TS7-2T

    Regular Price: $44.85

    Special Price $32.74

  6. Silent Knight SK-HEAT

    Addressable Thermal Heat Detectors, Reliable analog communications, Superior EMI resistance, UL Listed, Dual LED indicators, Plug-in mounting

    Model No : Silent Knight SK-HEAT

    Regular Price: $86.03

    Special Price $62.80

  7. GE Security 521CXT-ID

    NetworX PID Photoelectric 2-Wire Smoke Detector, Remote maintenance reporting, Built-in drift compensation, Field-replaceable optical chamber, low-profile design, Meets NFPA 72 field.

    Model No : GE Security 521CXT-ID

    Regular Price: $77.93

    Special Price $56.89

  8. GE Security SD-2W-EST

    Conventional SuperDuct Duct Smoke Detector, PCB mounted photoelectric detector, Environmental compensation, Detector assembly, Status LEDs remain visible, Easy access to field connection.

    Model No : GE Security SD-2W-EST

    Regular Price: $202.93

    Special Price $148.14

  9. GE Security V9006-0001-013

    Explosionproof Smoke Detector, Labyrinth assembly, Self-checking components, Infrared (IRED) light.

    Model No : GE Security V9006-0001-013

    Regular Price: $9,500.00

    Special Price $6,728.00

  10. GE Security ESL 521NCSRXT

    Photoelectric 2-Wire Sounder Smoke Detector, Built-in sounder, Patented CleanMe feature, Built-in dust compensation, Field-replaceable optical chamber.

    Model No : GE Security ESL 521NCSRXT

    Regular Price: $68.38

    Special Price $49.92

  11. GE Security ESL 702U

    6 Inch Diameter Smoke Detector Mounting Base, WIre clamp-type terminals, Built-in continuity switch, Break-off anti-tamper latch.

    Model No : GE Security ESL 702U

    Regular Price: $15.44

    Special Price $11.27

  12. Fire Lite Alarms 411UDAC

    Fire Watch Fire Alarm Communicator, Four supervised monitoring, 12 VDC operation, Dual telephone lines, Alarm verification, Real-time clock

    Model No : Fire Lite Alarms 411UDAC

    Regular Price: $377.93

    Special Price $275.89

  13. GE Security ESL 521B

    2-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Remote maintenance reporting, Built-in drift compensation, Field replaceable optical chamber, low-profile design, Meets NFPA 72 field.

    Model No : GE Security ESL 521B

    Regular Price: $40.44

    Special Price $29.52

  14. GE Security GEC-521NCRXT

    Photoelectric 2-Wire, Smoke Detector, RFI immunity: 20 V/m min.; 1 to 1000 MHz, Patented CleanMe feature , Built-in dust compensation

    Model No : GE Security GEC-521NCRXT

    Regular Price: $51.94

    Special Price $37.92

  15. DSC WS4916

    DSC WS4916: Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Drift Compensation, Dual-Senor Heat Detector, Built-in 85 dB Horn, Low Profile Design, Lithium Batteries Included

    Model No : DSC WS4916

    Regular Price: $88.09

    Special Price $64.31

  16. Honeywell 5193SDT

    Versatile Mounting, Versatile Mounting, Tamper Protection and Tamper Resistance, Easy Installation, LED Status Indicators

    Model No : Honeywell 5193SDT

    Regular Price: $87.79

    Special Price $64.09

  17. Honeywell 5193SD

    Easy Installation, LED Status Indicators, Versatile Mounting, Versatile Mounting, Tamper Protection and Tamper Resistance

    Model No : Honeywell 5193SD

    Regular Price: $81.47

    Special Price $59.47

  18. Silent Knight SK-BEAM

    Single-ended Reflected Type Projected Beam Smoke Detector, 16 to 328 foot, Single-ended, Remote test station, Six user selectable sensitivity, Paintable cover

    Model No : Silent Knight SK-BEAM

    Regular Price: $914.69

    Special Price $667.72

  19. Silent Knight SK-DUCT

    Intelligent Air Duct Smoke Detector, LED alarm indication, communication on sensor head, Detects the spread of amoke, UL listed

    Model No : Silent Knight SK-DUCT

    Regular Price: $192.63

    Special Price $140.62

  20. Silent Knight SK-ACCLIMATE

    Intelligent Multi-Criteria Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Reliable analog communications, Dual electronic thermistor, Superior EMI resistance, Dual LED indicators, Microprocessor

    Model No : Silent Knight SK-ACCLIMATE

    Regular Price: $85.28

    Special Price $62.25

  21. Silent Knight SK-ION

    Intelligent Ionization Smoke Sensor, Low profile design, 6 Mounting base included, Rotary address switches, Built-in fire test feature, Dual LED indicators

    Model No : Silent Knight SK-ION

    Regular Price: $77.93

    Special Price $56.89

  22. Silent Knight SK-PHOTO

    Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Sensors, Sleek, low-profile design, Base included, Superior EMI resistance, Dual LED indicators, UL Listed

    Model No : Silent Knight SK-PHOTO

    Regular Price: $76.46

    Special Price $55.82

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22 Item(s)

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