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Fire Alarm Expansion Modules

Fire Alarm Expansion Modules Fire Alarm Expansion Modules offer addtional options for your fire alarm systems.
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  1. Silent Knight SK-Monitor-2

    Addressable Intelligent Dual Input Monitor Module, Monitor two circuits, Support for Class B wiring, Fully supervised, Panel controlled status, UL Listed

    Model No : SK-Monitor-2
  2. Silent Knight SK-Control

    Addressable Intelligent Notification Module, Panel controlled status, UL Listed, Polling LED visible, SEMS screws, Rotary address switches

    Model No : SK-Control
  3. Silent Knight SK-Control-6

    Six Circuit Supervised Control Module, Flexible solution, Class B or Class A wiring, Individual LED, UL Listed, Two module mounting

    Model No : SK-Control-6
  4. Silent Knight SK-Relay

    Addressable Intelligent Relay Module, Two sets of Form C, Rotary address switches, Attractive ivory cover, UL Listed, Panel controlled status

    Model No : SK-Relay
  5. Silent Knight SK-Relay-6

    Addressable Intelligent Six Relay Control Module, Six Form C contacts, Individual LED, UL Listed, Mounting hardware included, Rotary address switches

    Model No : SK-Relay-6
  6. Silent Knight SK-MON-10

    Addressable Ten Input Monitor Module, Maximum IDC, Normal Operating Voltage, Alarm Current: 55 mA, Humidity: 10 to 93%

    Model No : SK-MON-10
  7. Fire Lite Alarms 411UDAC

    Fire Watch Fire Alarm Communicator, Four supervised monitoring, 12 VDC operation, Dual telephone lines, Alarm verification, Real-time clock

    Model No : 411UDAC
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7 Item(s)

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