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Fire Alarm Kit

Fire Alarm Kit
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  1. Honeywell V128FBP-PAK2

    Honeywell V128FBP-PAK2: Full system, Eight hardwired zones standard, Supports commercial wireless, Automatic smoke detector, Carbon monoxide, Four programmable function, Built-in sounder.

    Model No : Honeywell V128FBP-PAK2
  2. Honeywell VISTA-250FBP

    Honeywell VISTA-250FBP: Commercial Fire, Partitioned Burglary, Alarm Control Panel, eight hardwired zones, Supports Commercial UL, Honeywell initiating devices.

    Model No : Honeywell VISTA-250FBP
  3. Honeywell VISTA-32FB

    Honeywell VISTA-32FB: COMMERCIAL PARTITIONED FIRE, BURGLARY ALARM CONTROL PANEL, Supports addressable V-Plex, Supports eight hardwired zones, Easily programmed, Automatic smoke detector

    Model No : VISTA-32FB
  4. Honeywell 5110XM-PAK1

    Four Programmable Function Keys, Built-in Sounder, Seven Status LEDs, Large Easy-to-read Display, Red Removable Door, Five supervised style B zones, One master code, Five user codes, Seven built-in LED indicators, One notification appliance circuit, Temporal code compliant

    Model No : 5110XM-PAK1
Set Descending Direction


4 Item(s)

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