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Fire Alarm Power Modules

Fire Alarm Power Modules
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  1. Honeywell 5499

    Honeywell silent Knight 5499: Distributed Power Supplies, UL Listed for 9 amps, Built-in synchronization, Ground fault detector/indicator, Stand alone operation

    Model No : 5499
  2. Honeywell 5495

    Honeywell silent Knight 5495: Distributed Power Supplies, 3 amps per output circuit, Ground fault detector/indicator, advanced switch mode design, Four power notification

    Model No : 5495
  3. Honeywell 5895XL

    Honeywell 5895XL: Intelligent Power Module, 6.0A output power, Flexput I/O circuits, Supports Class A, Ground loop isolation, Transient protection

    Model No : 5895XL
  4. Honeywell 5496

    Honeywell 5496: Intelligent Power Module, UL Listed for 6 amps, Built-in synchronization, 24 VDC filtered output, 3 amps per output, door holder power

    Model No : 5496
  5. Honeywell 5883

    Relay Interface Board, Relays rated at [email protected] VDC, Each output can be individually, UL listed to 864, Housed in protective cabinet, Provides control output

    Model No : 5883
  6. GE Security EBPS6A

    Remote Booster Power Supply, Available in 10 amp, Configurable signal rates, Extends power available, Use as auxiliary Power Supply.

    Model No : EBPS6A
  7. Fire Lite Alarms FCPS-24FS6

    Fire Lite Alarms FCPS-24FS6 Remote Power Supply, UL Listed NAC Synchronization, Fully supervised power supply, Self-contained in compact, Optional mounting kit.

    Model No : FCPS-24FS6
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7 Item(s)

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