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Fire Alarm Security System

2MCCTV carries the most up-to-date fire alarm systems to help protect your loved ones, home or business. 2MCCTV carries both wireless and wired systems to make it easier to accommodate any situation. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors can help avoid a tragedy, always keep them up to date and in working condition. Whether you have an old or new system always be sure to:

  • Always warn family members when you are conducting a test or a fire drill, to not scare them and so they know what the sound is in case of a dangerous situation
  • Have someone help you, ask them to stand at the furthest possible point ot the home or business to make sure the detector is loud enough. They can also try standing outside to see if its possible to hear they alarm.
  • Test the power, always push the test button, the alarm should sound, if not it is not receiving power
  • If your smoke detector/ carbon monoxide detector is hardwired and is monitored by a company be sure to notify them and the fire department it is only a test
  • If you conduct a fire drill make sure to have a designated meeting place to account for everyone
  • Check the smoke sensor. There are inexpensive aerosol sprays you can purchase that are specifically made to test smoke detectors, make sure to follow the directions. If the alarm does not should this means you detector may be worn out
  • You can also use smoke, light 2 or 3 matches and hold them a few feet under the detector. Make sure to keep the matches a few feet away so as to not melt or damage the detector
  • Be sure to test your detectors at least once a month
  • Replace your detectors if they are 10 years or older
  • When you test your detector it a good idea to use a vacuum or soft cloth and clean any dust or buildup
  • Change the batteries twice a year. Getting in the habit of changing your batteries when you change the clocks for daylight savings time might be a helpful way to remember



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  1. GE Security EG1-CVM

    Genesis Series Low Profile Chime/Strobe, Horn/Strobe, Unique low-profile design, Four field-configurable options, Easy to install, Unparalleled performance.

    Model No : EG1-CVM
  2. GE Security EGCF-VM

    Genesis Series Field Configurable Ceiling Mount Strobe, Field configurable, Unique low-profile design, Easy to install, Unparalleled performance, Approved for public and private.

    Model No : EGCF-VM
  3. Honeywell V128FBP-PAK2

    Honeywell V128FBP-PAK2: Full system, Eight hardwired zones standard, Supports commercial wireless, Automatic smoke detector, Carbon monoxide, Four programmable function, Built-in sounder.

    Model No : Honeywell V128FBP-PAK2
  4. Honeywell VISTA-250FBP

    Honeywell VISTA-250FBP: Commercial Fire, Partitioned Burglary, Alarm Control Panel, eight hardwired zones, Supports Commercial UL, Honeywell initiating devices.

    Model No : Honeywell VISTA-250FBP
  5. Honeywell VISTA-32FB

    Honeywell VISTA-32FB: COMMERCIAL PARTITIONED FIRE, BURGLARY ALARM CONTROL PANEL, Supports addressable V-Plex, Supports eight hardwired zones, Easily programmed, Automatic smoke detector

    Model No : VISTA-32FB
  6. Honeywell 5110XM-PAK1

    Four Programmable Function Keys, Built-in Sounder, Seven Status LEDs, Large Easy-to-read Display, Red Removable Door, Five supervised style B zones, One master code, Five user codes, Seven built-in LED indicators, One notification appliance circuit, Temporal code compliant

    Model No : 5110XM-PAK1
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6 Item(s)

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