Geovision 55-KEYBD-300 GV-Keyboard V3 for GV-System


Geovision 55-KEYBD-300 GV-Keyboard V3 for GV-System

Regular Price $ 259.80 incl.VAT

Geovision, GV-Keyboard V2 can control up to 16 GV-Systems / 16 GV-Control Centers alongside can directly set up and control up to 32 PTZ cameras without making any configuration through the GV‐System. Featured with wide dynamic range,1/3 inch format CCD imager, 3D digital noise reduction (DNR), and automatic/ manual white balance settings for difficult lighting conditions. It is compatible with RS-485 configuration. Multiple keyboards can work up to 8 monitors for spot monitor applications, TV quad and digital matrix in GV-System.


  • Up to 36 GV-Systems / GV-VMS supported
  • Up to 8 monitors for different live view displays with multiple Keyboards
  • PTZ camera control
  • OSD panel supported


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