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Glass Break Sensors

Glassbreak Sensors Glass break Sensors sense glass shattering vibrations they connect with security burglar alarm systems to trigger the alarm. Glass break detects a couple of seconds earlier than someone intrusion. Glass breakers are useful devices for office buildings or homes with lots of window. Sensors for Alarm Systems | 2mcctv.com
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  1. DSC WLS912L-433

    DSC WLS912L-433: Wireless Glassbreak Detector, Tamper-Activated, Detect Glass Sound, Equipped with RF Transmitter, Dynamic Signal Processing, Lithium Batteries Included

    Model No : WLS912L-433
  2. Honeywell Wireless Glassbreak Detector 5853

    Wireless Glassbreak Detector

    Model No : 5853
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2 Item(s)

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