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GSM Digital Communicator

GSM Digital Communicators are communication modules that helps connect to GSM/GPRS devices like mobile smart phones.
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  1. DSC GS3060

    DSC GS3060: Universal Wireless Alarm Communicator, Compatible with Control Panels, Full Event Reporting, Uses GPRS Data Channel, 4 On-board Inputs, Panel Transmission Capability

    Model No : GS3060
  2. DSC GS2060

    DSC GS2060: Wireless Alarm Communicator, GSM/GPRS Alarm Communication, Remote Uploading/Downloading, Supervision Heartbeats, 128-bit AES Encryption, Full Event Reporting

    Model No : GS2060
  3. Honeywell iGSMCF

    Full Contact ID, ADEMCO High Speed Reporting, Upload/Downloading of Select, Honeywell Control Panels Via Internet, Tamper Protected Enclosure

    Model No : IGSMCFP4G
  4. Honeywell 7810PC

    Capable of Multilingual Interface, Up to 1000 Messages Can be Buffered, Uses Any Printer Supported, Operating System, MAC Address Assigned, By Alarm Net Upon Installation

    Model No : 7810PC
  5. Honeywell 7810iR-ENT

    Installs Behind Firewalls, Without Compromising Network Security , Easy Cat-5 Connection to A Hub or Router, 1024 Bit Key Encryption Standard, Two-way Authentication

    Model No : 7810iR-ENT
  6. Honeywell GSMV4G

    Web-Based Programming, Allows Complete Interactive Programming, Alarm Net Direct, Intelligent Supervision, Any Message Generated Serves, Supervision Message Per Optional, 24 Hour or 30 Day Intervals

    Model No : GSMV4G
  7. Honeywell GSMVLP4G

    Message Generated Serves, Supervision Message Per Optional, 24 hour or 30 Day Intervals, Effectively Limits Required Messages, Contact ID Reporting Using ECP Mode, with Compatible Honeywell Control Panels

    Model No : GSMVLP4G
  8. Honeywell MX8000

    Supports up to 12 Line Cards, Line Card Device Information, Stored in the Master CPU Allowing, Removal and Replacement, On-Board Touchpad, Manual Operation and Programming

    Model No : Honeywell MX8000
  9. CDMA -L57 Honeywell Communications Module for LYNX Touch L5210 and L7000

    The CDMA-L57 Cellular Communications Modules allow the LYNX Touch L5210 and L7000 controls to communicate with the central Station via the CDMA cellular network.

    Model No : CDMA -L57
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9 Item(s)

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