Guest Post: 6 James Bond-style Surveillance Gadgets that Could Turn You Into 007 7

This is a guest post by Matthew Wood, from Probe Investigations UK Limited. We thought this would be a cool blog post, and it seemed fitting because of the new Bond movie that came out this weekend.

007 Surveillance Gadgets

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you will have noticed that there’s a new James Bond film out and it’s called Skyfall.

The flash cars, the powerful guns, the dodgy-looking villains, the beautiful women and, of course, the hi-tech gadgets – you know what you’re getting with Bond.

So what of them nifty gadgets? While some of the technology Bond utilises is just as fictitious as the main protagonist, there is plenty of genuine surveillance equipment out there that could give the impression you’re an undercover agent like 007 himself.

Here are six surveillance gadgets that would be James Bond-worthy.


This smart and sophisticated watch works as a fully-functioning regular timekeeper but also doubles up as a HD video recorder. Installed with infa-red technology, the watch can record in superb quality even in the poorest of lighting conditions. The watch is also waterproof and can store data up to the value of 8GB.

HD Video Recorder Watch


If you’re looking for a cheap novelty item then this Spy Pen could be ideal for you. Priced at around £25, this piece of writing equipment can act as a video recording device, a storage mechanism – holding up to 4GB – and, of course, a pen.

Covert Spy Pen


Want to set up some surveillance inside the home? Well, an innocent-looking wall clock could be your answer. This wireless piece of equipment includes a high-quality CCD camera that is completely hidden from the naked eye. Unfortunately, there is no audio included on this wall clock but you’ll be pleased to know it is available in both black and white – brilliant.

Covert Wall Clock

Covert Sunglasses

Cruising around in your open-top convertible (you know, like James Bond)? How about some covert sunglasses to help capture video on the move? These stylish specs will cost you around £65 and include an electronic shutter and internal sync system. They also do what all good sunglasses should do – protect you from the sun!

Covert Sunglasses


Yes, we know, this tie is completely naff and, to make matters worse, it would set you back £170. However, on the flip side, it does have a built-in color camera with audio that is uniquely designed to help with the recording with meetings and interviews (you know, in the situations where you’d be wearing a naff tie).

Necktie Spy Camera

Mobile Phone

Ok, admittedly, we’re getting into stalker territory now. If you’re considering purchasing one of these after reading what comes next then you’ve every right to be worried about your mental state.

This Blackberry is a genuine mobile phone and operates in exactly the same way as you’d expect a regular device to. However, this Blackberry comes pre-installed with SpyPhone technology which is available remotely through the use of a PC to track all messages – sent and received – by the user. Essentially, this item is designed to be used as a “gift” for someone you’d like to keep track of – or stalk.

Blackberry Spy Phone

Night Vision Goggles

If you’re the generous type, and by generous we mean *throwing money away*,   then it might be worth investing in some night vision goggles for those nocturnal missions. The cost? Only £950. Oh, and they look absolutely ridiculous. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like forking out a grand, eating lots of carrots can help improve your eyesight in the dark (not actually true).

Night Vision Goggles


  1. Really Nice Toys and Gadgets every Boy at heart’s dream

    New Vision
  2. Awesome. Definitely some cool toys there.

  3. This is superb! I loved that tie with a surveillance camera.

  4. These gadgets are really cool and no doubt while using these, it will give feeling of being James Bond. On serious node these gadgets are really helpful in spy activities and can be used as safety devices.

    Nishant Raj
  5. Nice list. My favorite spy gear are shades. You could also include keychains and hidden button cameras. Great article.

  6. A package of gadgets to use for surveillance!  I really like the Night Vision Goggles, Amazing!! 

    Samantha Chan
  7. Really impressive movie. I would go for that watch and anytime, any day

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