GeoVision GV-GF1921


Fingerprint Reader, Works with GV-AS Controller, Works with GV-ASManager, Standalone System, Access by Card, Wiegand 26 Bits Output

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GeoVision GV-GF Fingerprint Reader



The GV‐GF Fingerprint Reader can work with GV‐AS Controller and GV‐ASManager to create a complete access control system. With the GV‐GF Fingerprint Reader only, you can enroll and manage users through the supplied Manager Enroll Card and Delete Card along with MIFARE user cards.




  • Works with GV-AS Controller and GV-ASManager
  • Standalone system without the need of cabling or PC
  • Access by card plus fingerprint
  • Fingerprint templates stored on the user card
  • Wiegand output 26 bits
  • GV-GF1901: Capacitive Sensor
  • GV-GF1902: Optical Sensor


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