GeoVision GV-PA200


GV-PA200 Signage Player (Black/US) (up to 720p video resolution, AV, VGA and HDMI video output)

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View your system remotely with the GeoVision GV-PA200 Signage Player AV, VGA and HDMI video Output. Operational and effective, it controls the pan, tilt, and zoom functions of the camera.

State-of-The-Art Equipped
Practical to the core, this digital media player plays the digital audio and video contents on TVs, computer monitors, or any compatible display devices. It comes fully packed with built-in a USB port SD card slot and a CF card slot for storing the media files.  It also has an IR remote control equipped with it.  It supports multimedia.

Ensuring Excellent Resolution
The GeoVision GV-PA200 Signage Player AV, VGA and HDMI video Output ensures high definition video resolution up to 720p. It is compatible with PNG / JPEG image formats. It requires an operating temperature of 32  Degree F ~ 104  Degree F. For maximum flexibility to play the audio and digital contents on various entertainment devices, it offers various output methods, including High Definition, A/V and VGA connection.




GV-PA200 Signage Player AV, VGA and HDMI Video Output Features:


  • Multimedia support
  • Video resolution up to 720p
  • A/V, VGA, and High Definition outputs
  • SD card, CF card and USB storage
  • IR remote control




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