GeoVision GV-Reader1251


GV-Reader1251 8-bit Microprocessor, 125 kHz (Proximity EM Card), Support Wiegand interface

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8-bit Microprocessor
The GeoVision GV-Reader1251 is an 8-bit Microprocessor based proximity EM card reader. The GV-Reader1251 supports 125 kHz Proximity EM Cards, Wiegand interface and RS-485 (9600bps) communication type. It features red / green LED and Beeper with auto / user mode setup.

Easy Installation, Efficient Operation
The GV-Reader1251 8-bit Microprocessor features an 8-bit microprocessor and can read Proximity EM Cards (125 kHz). The reader support Wiegand interface for connection, and RS-485 (9600bps) communication type for versatility. It also features Red / Green LED and Beeper for proper indication of read or failure, status etc. and auto / user mode setup for better configuration and user fri9endly operation. It comes in gray color and features a Buzzer Beeper for audio notification.




GV-Reader1251 8-bit Microprocessor Features:


  • 125 kHz (Proximity EM Card)
  • Support Wiegand interface
  • Support RS-485 (9600bps) communication type
  • Red / Green LED and Beeper with auto / user mode setup
  • Buzzer Beeper
  • Gray Color


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