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As science fiction slowly becomes science fact with great advances in technology, an area that lags behind is CCTV.  For the vast majority of security cameras systems, the Hollywood idea of “blow up and enhance” remains just that, an idea.  In this post, we’ll discuss HD vs. Megapixel and the future of the CCTV industry.

HD vs. Megapixel
Blow up and enhance

In recent years many IP camera manufactures have introduced Megapixel cameras. Megapixel delivers a much higher resolution designed to allow either the ability to zoom in to recorded video or use one camera to cover a greater area without losing quality. While that sounds great, megapixel does have its drawbacks. Many MP cameras are made with CMOS chipsets and require more light than analog cameras to produce a good picture. That being said, the biggest drawback to MP (or IP in general) is the upkeep of the system. MP is a great option for enterprise level systems and companies with in house IT personnel, but the average consumer still is not comfortable with the concepts of bandwidth requirements, port forwarding, and storage arrays.

High definition CCTV promises to deliver the best of both worlds. The HD picture will allow the user the same abilities as megapixel cameras.  The cameras and recorders will produce this higher resolution picture over coaxial cable; meaning that a system can be upgraded without running a single new wire.  To upgrade from analog to MP would mean running an entire new infrastructure for the data.  For new systems, HD CCTV will deliver the same plug and play simplicity that analog cameras have delivered for decades.  This simplicity will allow the DIY business or home owner to have a high quality system without the headache of networking.

HD closed circuit television will still not have as high of a resolution as MP cameras, but for the average small business owner it will be the future of CCTV.  Good quality, easy installation, and ease of use will set it apart from standard analog and MP systems.

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  1. price list , where and how to buy ( dealer price). thnx

  2. If I have given an option to use HD and Megapixel cameras, which will be used and what criteria I will choose out of these to cameras?

    Nitin Srivastava
  3. but aren’t you limited to 720×480 resolution (D1) at best? isn’t that the limitation of analog running on BNC network?

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