Realtime Recording 120fps, 4-Ch H.264 Digital Video Recorder, 120fps Storage, Dynamic Recoding Schedule Functions, Support Emergency-Recording Key, 4Ch VideoLoop-Back & 1 VGA

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CNB HDF1212DV is a 4-channel Digital Video Recorder, especially designed for recording, viewing, playback, and archiving simultaneously. This DVR is capable to function in combination up to 128 cameras at once. This DVR from CNB technology, is known for performing at a rate of 12 0FPS. 
Manage different functions like recording, viewing, playback, and archiving of up to 128 cameras using the CNB HDF1212DVR. The CNB HDF1212DV digital video recorder features an H.264format to speed up a process of capturing videos up to 120 FPS (100 FPS PAL) in combined channels. 
The CNB HDF1212DV Digital Video Recorder has gained professional accreditation for Dynamic Recoding Schedule functions in three segments–Time, Motion, and Alarm. Having a user-friendly interface, the DVR can be easily accessed using a front key-board, remote control and a USB mouse. CNB HDF1212DV Digital Video Recorder enables HDD archiving and mirroring with 4 -channel Video Loop and audio input.


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