Our partner companies perform research and design to improve the security of your health care facility.  A new product with the latest technologies allows for access control and is integrated into your surveillance system, verifying the holder of the card through face detection.

Health Care and Hospital Security solutions we provide:

  • Doctor’s Offices:  Ask about our intercom systems for doctor’s offices and rehab centers to allow entry for visitors.
  • Late Night Emergency Clinics:  Clinics may be a target for attacks, protect your visitors well with our parking lot lighting controls.
  • Veterinary Hospitals:  We also provide surveillance for veterinary hospitals.  Keep an eye on the pets after they have done surgery and are staying overnight
  • Medical Schools:  At medical schools and hospitals, box cameras are utilized to transmit videos over the net for educational purposes
  • Hospitals:  Ensure the safety of your patients by allowing only authorized visitors, by means of intercom and video surveillance
  • Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers:  Protect your residents with audio and video surveillance
  • All Locations:  Guarantee only doctors and nurses have access to medical supplies and equipment

Call our experienced sales team to learn about this new product.  They will work with you to customize it according to your needs.

A few facilities we have provided solutions for include:

  • Alcovy Internal Medicine
  • Pacific Hospital of Long Beach
  • Town Hall Estates 

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