Complete Home Security Camera System

Complete Camera Systems Lease Specials


Looking for a complete security system for your home or business at a low cost? We have a packages to meet your needs. You can mix and match CCTV cameras styles to accommodate any situation. Each system includes the system recorder, monitor, software and our technical assistance service. Our technicians are available during regular office hours and can assist you with any question or problem you might have. Check out the packages below, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or chat with us.






Indoor or Outdoor Dome, Bullet or Box



22″ CCTV Monitor and Recorder


 Camera Resolution 2MP
Cameras Available for Indoor or Outdoor Use

 Supports Pan Tilt Zoom cameras? 

 100% Digital Quality on All Channels 

 Analog HD Cameras 

 Night Vision LED cameras 

 Max Number of Cameras 8
 USB Video Backup Files 

 Smart Phone Mobile Applications (iPhone®, Android®) 

 DVR/NVR records on Motion 

 DVR/NVR records on Round the clock 

 Remote Smart Phone App Zoom Function 

 Maximum number of monitors for display 1
 Storage Capacity4TB
 Number of Days recording (Recording on Motion)15
 Number of channels Playback1
 Software/Firmware Updates 

 Email Support 

 New Technology, Anytime Equipment Upgrade By End of Contract
 Password Support 

 Chat Support 

 8 Hour CST Phone support 

 Unlimited Phone support 

 On Site Support Number of Incidents Per Year 4
 Contract Term (Based on Credit) 36 Month


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