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Alarm Smoke Detector

Residential smoke detectors tie into the burglar alarm systems for early warning of any fire incidents.
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  1. Honeywell 5808W3

    Improved Robust RF Field Strength, Smoothing Algorithms, Drift Compensation, Additional LED Status Indicators

    Model No : 5808W3
  2. Honeywell 5809

    Contains a Built-in Transmitter, Supervisory and Battery, Condition Messages to the System’s, Receiver Control Unit

    Model No : 5809
  3. Honeywell 5800CO

    Electrochemical Sensing Technology, LED Status Indicators, Test/Hush Button, Tamper Protection, Tamper Resistant Element

    Model No : 5800CO
  4. Honeywell 5806W3

    Utilizes One Long-Life, 3V Lithium Battery, Microcontroller Runs on an 4.0 MHz Clock, Horn Operates at 3.3 KHz, Sound Pressure Level

    Model No : 5806W3
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4 Item(s)

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