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In the past, CCTV systems were mostly only seen in stores and banks to deter thieves. But now, almost any industry or environment has some form of video surveillance. One industry in particular, the construction industry, has been utilizing CCTV systems to secure construction sites.

Why Use CCTV Systems?

Like stores, construction sites need a security system in place to protect against theft or vandalism. The specialized equipment on these sites are quite expensive and can cost thousands of dollars to replace if stolen or damaged. But besides the equipment, the construction materials are costly as well. In fact, the cost of materials like steel, lumber, and iron have been surging over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a need for CCTV systems on construction sites now more than ever because of the increasing costs associated with construction and building.

Besides protecting construction equipment and building materials, CCTV systems are necessary to protect the workers on these sites. Since construction sites tend to be hazardous environments, the workers are more susceptible to injuries so they have more safety standards that they must abide by. Having video surveillance present can help employers ensure that their workers are always following safety protocols. Additionally, the CCTV cameras will be able to capture a record of events in case the employer is accused of any safety violations or liabilities.

A lot of times, “urban explorers” will trespass onto construction sites for a thrill of adventure. Even though exploring may seem like harmless fun, this unauthorized trespassing could lead to the destruction of equipment or severe injuries. Having a CCTV system in place could immediately alert security teams of a physical breach so that they can handle the situation before something worse happens. Additionally, the CCTV system will be able to capture evidence in case an incident were to arise.

But CCTV systems do not just record incidents; they record everything. This means that construction developers would be able to review security footage as a way to keep track of their progress on the projects. This footage can also be shown to project managers to update them on their progress or to prove that the buildings have been built to meet strict codes.

Features of Construction Site CCTV Systems

Construction sites are unique areas that will require CCTV systems that are capable of handling unique challenges. One of the features that the CCTV system should have is remote access capabilities. With remote access, the construction managers would be able to monitor the sites from anywhere they are and at any time. This is useful because construction sites tend to be in far, isolated areas that may remain idle for long periods of time so remote access allows them to keep watch without having to physically travel there.

Another important feature of a good-quality construction site CCTV system would be mobility and rapid deployment. Construction sites are never permanent because once the job is done, the workers move onto the next project in a new location. This temporariness makes it almost impossible for a traditional surveillance system to be used because that would require a permanent fixture and a lengthy installation process. Additionally, these sites won’t have a power supply available to power these cameras.

In order to remedy these issues, you should look into using solar-powered trailers. These are essentially mobile trailers with solar-powered cameras mounted on their own fixture. These trailers are a convenient video surveillance option for construction sites because they don’t need to be plugged into an external power supply and they can be moved to the next location to provide immediate security.

Wrap Up

Like any other place, construction sites can benefit greatly from using a CCTV system. However, these areas have their own special requirements that a regular surveillance system will not be able to fulfill. If you’re in search of a quality CCTV system for your construction site, contact us today. Our sales team is highly experienced and ready to tackle every security concern.

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