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When it comes to surveillance systems, one common question that comes up is, “How long should I be keeping my security footage?” Keeping footage for too long means that there will be less space available for new recordings. Running out of space means that the system will either stop recording or overwrite past recordings. However, not keeping footage for a reasonable amount of time might mean losing important evidence if something happens. The amount of time you need to store security footage depends on the area the cameras are recording in.

Home Security

If you are using a security system for your home, it is recommended to keep recordings for a week or two. You don’t need to keep home recordings for that long because there’s usually not a lot of activity going on that would require playback. Storing footage for a maximum of 2 weeks would give you enough time to make sure that nothing happened that you would need evidence of.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses

For many businesses, the industry standard is to keep the security footage for 30 to 90 days. Businesses require more storing time than homes because they are prone to more incidents that might need reviewing.

Large Enterprises

Since large enterprises typically have more activity going on, it’s suggested to keep security footage for 3 months. Holding onto footage for any longer than this can get extremely costly, especially for big businesses with many connected cameras.

Special Industries

Some industries require more storage time because they deal with high-risk situations. For example, banks and other places that deal with large amounts of cash will need to store footage for 6 months or even a year. Doing this is costly, but necessary because these industries are prone to more threats and suspicious activity. Industries that are prone to workplace accidents and injuries should also keep footage for this long to have evidence in case of fraud or liability issues.

Wrap Up

How long you need to store security footage depends on where and what you are using the security cameras for. The more likely you are to have incidents that require proper evidence, the longer you should store recordings. If you are struggling to have room on your video recorder, there are some steps you can take. If you have any questions about how much storage you should buy for your system, we have a handy calculator or you can contact our sales team for more advice.

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