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We read in the papers, see it in the news, hear from our neighbors and scroll through our social media feed how the instances of thefts and burglary have increased manifolds over the years. It is almost unnerving to think that leaving our home behind, unprotected from a potential attack of an intruder.

Lack of security measures is the most common reason why most homes are broken into. It is not just about the safety of our valued possessions but also our loved ones. Who is to say what intention the intruder has? What if they are armed? What if they want to take more than just your money? These prospects are not only scary but also very real.

The growing criminal activities has made it necessary for people to take extreme safety measures.

What you’ll need:

However, just the advanced locks on your doors alone do not make the cut. You need an added layer of security and want to someone to watch over your house 24/7. This someone doesn’t have to be a person. Surveillance industry is growing by the hour, adding new security cameras to its repository.

There are all kinds of models available these days, suitable to all kinds of budget. With so many options, there is no reason for you to not invest in your home security.

Security cameras are becoming a necessity, simply because you need a reliable eye of someone that can protect your property round the clock. Humans are prone to errors but something security camera DVR recorder will work tirelessly, throughout day and night. You can rely on them to watch not just your home but also the street and the blind spots on your property. A tight security network at home is mandatory to prevent break-ins.

However, without the support of technical expert, a homeowner can feel overwhelmed about what option to choose. It is hard to tell which feature is best for protecting their homes against invasion.

While you are going to need a professional to help you at some point, you can start with these basic features when you are scouring the market for security cameras.

Features to look for:

  • Your security camera should be able to detect even the slightest motion. They are very helpful during times you notice suspicious activity. With this feature, you will be able to pause the recording until your camera captures activity in its surveillance area.
  • Pick the one with two-way communication so that the person monitoring the feed and the one being monitored can have a conversation. The access must only be provided once you are certain about the person.
  • Having a broader field of view will help you monitor larger area, including the blind spots
  • The video quality should be good so that if needed, it can be used to identify the intruder
  • Choose the power source carefully, depending upon the availability of power outlet.

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