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A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) as most of us know them are used to record TV directly to disk, however a DVR can also be used as a security camera recorder, for one or many cameras. There are several options, so let’s explore these security systems in more detail.

You can buy a video security system with multiple cameras, a DVR and an LCD monitor all in one package or you can buy special DVR video card for installing into your PC. Using a DVR card is a cost-effective way to store hours and hours of video, but these are generally better for home use unless you purchase a real high-end system and specialized PC equipment.

How to Choose a DVR Security Camera System?

The recording time of a DVR unit is limited purely by the disk size, and with hard disks being so cheap these days you can have massive amounts of disk space to store weeks or even months worth of video. This is why a security camera recorder system is the obvious choice for so many as once it’s set-up you don’t have to worry about running out of space or changing tapes, as there aren’t any to change.

Digital security cameras are also simple to set-up, but make sure they are right cameras for needs.

For example, here are a few of the most important features you should consider:

Do you require motion sensor cameras to trigger alerts via email or text message should a camera’s sensor be triggered? Does the camera need night-vision capabilities to operate in the dark? Should the cameras be wireless so you can install them easily without messy wiring? Do you need sound?

Choosing Your DVR

Once your cameras are installed, you will need to connect them to the DVR. The simplest security DVR recorder systems to set-up will use wireless technology, but this is not always necessary for many. Your DVR should have a large enough hard disk to store a month’s worth of video, plus also allow you to burn video to DVD. Whether you choose a stand-alone DVR or a PC card, it is recommended you go for one with remote monitoring capabilities and motion detection.

If you buy a PC based DVR device then you will need to ensure you use the best software that is easy to use and reliable. You must ensure you choose the right version of the hardware and software that is compatible with your PC and operating system. The easiest way to achieve this is to read existing customer comments and reviews of the DVRs and software packages to ensure that you aren’t buying something that won’t be suitable for the purpose.

You will discover many types of DVR models on the market, but there are some that really stand out as a security camera recorder. So keep in mind that the system you chose should be easy to set-up and maintain, plus you’ll want all the latest capabilities such as motion detection, night vision, sound, and so on.

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