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Wireless security cameras are a great alternative to wired systems because they don’t require any cables since footage is transmitted wirelessly through your Wi-Fi network. However, their dependence on Wi-Fi connection can also cause issues. This wireless connection makes them more susceptible to interference from wireless signals and if the signal is weak, the performance of the system can be negatively affected. To combat these issues, we offer a few tips for extending the range of your wireless security system.

Move Your Router Location

A router is a device that allows you to connect your devices to the internet. This device is important because it is what connects your cameras to the Wi-Fi network and makes it wireless. Since wireless signals can only travel so far, where you place your router is important for your wireless security system range. For the best wireless connection, you should place the router near the security cameras and without any obstructions or walls blocking the pathway between the cameras and the router. The closer the router is to the security cameras, the better the wireless signal will be.

Connect to a Different Wireless Channel

As mentioned before, wireless security systems are susceptible to interference from other wireless signals. However, wireless routers can operate on different channels. In order to extend the range of your wireless security system, you should choose to connect your system to a lesser used channel which would reduce the amount of interference and improve your wireless signal. You can do this by using a dual band router.

Use Wi-Fi Extenders

As mentioned before, wireless signals from your security cameras have a limited distance they can travel to your router. The longer the distance, the weaker your signal will be. In order to extend your wireless security system range, you could opt to use Wi-Fi extenders. These are devices that can be installed to extend the distance wireless signals can travel to the router.

Update Your Firmware

One simple tip for extending your wireless security system range is to make sure your firmware stays up-to-date. Often times, manufacturers will release updates and patches that improve wireless connection so keeping your firmware updated can help strengthen your signal.

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