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Everybody wants to feel safe and many home or business owners want to utilize a security camera system to do so. You can purchase top of the line cameras and equipment but that won’t help you if you do not know how to make the most of your CCTV system. There is no one size fits all solution here because everyone’s needs and properties are unique. I’ll go over how to get the most out of your CCTV security system and some features you may want to consider adding to improve its effectiveness.

Identify Weak Spots:

The first thing you’ll want to do, or have a professional do, is identify weak spots on the property. These will be the main areas you will want to focus on to optimize your security. You will also want to determine the purpose and positioning of your cameras; some cameras may fit better to your needs than others. If you want something more discrete, you may want a smaller dome style camera, if you want something that will deter criminals, you may want a large bullet camera placed in plain sight. You also need to determine how many cameras you need to fully cover your property.

Adequate Lighting:

It is important to ensure you have adequate lighting in the area, this will allow your cameras to capture the clearest footage possible. Be sure to not over light the area however, as this can wash out your camera’s image.

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Both Indoor and Outdoor Cameras:

You will also want to install cameras both indoors and outdoors. Indoor cameras are important for capturing intruders’ actions inside your property. Outdoor cameras are useful at capturing intruders entering or vandalizing your property. They also are useful for deterring criminals scouting the area for easy targets. It is important to note that when installing cameras outside, outdoor use cameras should be used because they offer increased protection from water and debris.

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Pair With Other Security Features:


A floodlight is a great addition to your security system and serves two functions. First, it adds lighting for your surveillance cameras and will help with image clarity. Second, it deters criminals by illuminating and revealing their illegal actions. Both of these functions make floodlights or other forms of LED lighting a useful addition to your surveillance system.

-Alarm System

An alarm system is another great feature to have. Not only will it notify emergency services immediately if an event takes place, it will also further deter the criminal from sticking around and doing more harm or damage. An alarm system will also help notify you when an event is taking place, whether you’re on the property or not.

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-Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are incredibly useful in conjunction with surveillance systems as they can be linked with several of the devices mentioned before; the main two being your cameras and floodlights. These will help your system focus better on immediate threats that are in motion and investigate further. They also help deter criminals who accidently trigger them causing all sorts of lights and alarms to go off.

-Infrared (IR)

Infrared capabilities are also important for capturing images at night. Criminals often act under the cover of darkness so it is important to not let that impede your security camera’s effectiveness. IR will enhance your cameras’ low light capabilities and will allow for you to capture clearer images in less than optimal lighting situations.  

Other Considerations:


You may want to also consider whether you would like either 1way or 2way audio capabilities. This can be useful when reviewing footage and, if you get 2way audio, can help with threat identification. Gate cameras are a good example of when 2way audio would be useful. You can identify who is visiting and what their purpose is before you give them access to your property.

-In Plain Sight or Hidden?

You will also want to decide whether you want your security cameras hidden or placed in plain sight. Hidden cameras have their benefits, they are less likely to be vandalized or avoided and can discretely capture the footage you need. They also won’t make your home or business look like a CIA hub and can help make guests or customers feel more comfortable. However, placing cameras in more obvious locations has its benefits as well. Criminals can see the property is well secured and will likely move on to an easier location. They can also help guests and customers feel more secure knowing that their safety is being well monitored. Sometimes a mix of the two is most useful but you will need to determine what style best fits you and your needs.

Wrap up:

The most important thing to make sure you’re getting the most out of your CCTV security system is to ensure that it is installed properly. Even if you have all the right equipment in all the right locations, if your system isn’t hooked up properly, it will do no good for you. 2M Technology has a team of certified technicians, installers and salesmen who are here to help you with all of your CCTV needs. Call us (1-877-926-2288) and we can answer questions and install your system properly to ensure your property is covered best is can be.  

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