How to Select the Best Security Cameras for Construction Sites 1

What are your needs?

There is no one size fit all camera for everything. In determining what the best camera is for your construction site, figure out your needs for the system. There are many factors to consider, primarily, how rugged it needs to be. You will also want to consider whether night vision capability will be required, as well as, your ability for wiring.

What will it be used for?

The primary and most frequent use for security cameras on construction sites is to keep building materials and equipment secure. This helps prevent theft and vandalism of costly resources. Additionally, they are often used for project management reasons and remote site viewing to check up on progress. Another common use is live streaming or time lapse views for marketing purposes.  

Things to consider

There are some key points to consider before purchasing your new camera system. Durability is a huge factor, as this will be installed outside in a relatively dangerous environment. Explosive proof cameras may be required in extremely hazardous situations. Depending on your level of need, certain IP (Ingress Protection) ratings may be better suited for your situation (IP66, IP67 and IP68). Furthermore, you will probably want IR night vision, as most security sites do not possess a lot of nighttime lighting. A Smart IR camera may be important if this feature is especially important to you. Smart IR is able to auto adjust to different brightness levels as they emerge. Finally, managers may want to have a PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera so they can check on project progress across the site.

Wire V. Wireless

Now that we’ve found what features are important to you, let’s decide on a wired or wireless system. In deciding between wired and wireless, you are really deciding on IP or analog. Analog systems tend to be more reliable and are typically easier to set up. However, IP cameras have made some strides in their development. It is important to consider that IP cameras will still typically need to be wired in to a source of power. Overall, it will depend on your preference, but it is generally recommended to go with a wired system if able.

Best DVR

Now that you’ve decided whether you want to go wired or wireless, let’s select the best DVR for you. The first thing you’ll want to consider is ease of use. You don’t want to spend an eternity figuring out how your system works, it should be simple. Next, you should select a system that includes desktop software and mobile apps if these feature interest you. Lastly, you should decide on alarm sensor integration abilities. Burglar alarm sensors allow your surveillance system to trigger alarms, deterring criminal activity and informing law enforcement.

Other Considerations

Finally, let’s take a look at some final considerations to make before you finalize your decision. Time lapse cameras can be entertaining for use on long term construction projects. These will require snapshot capabilities in order to perform the time lapse. Additionally, live streaming may be setup for promotional marketing purposes. This would allow the user to directly link the stream to social media platforms or the company’s website.

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