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Many people already know that protecting your security cameras from hacking is important because criminals could use the cameras to spy on you in real-time. But what about security footage? Protecting your security footage is just as important because if criminals get access, they may be able to determine patterns in your lifestyle and figure out how to effectively commit crimes against you. In order to prevent this from happening, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

Change Passwords Often

One of the simplest ways to protect against strangers accessing your security footage is to use strong passwords for your surveillance system and change the passwords often. By having a strong password, you’ll make it hard for others to guess your password and get access. If you change your passwords frequently, criminals won’t be able to hack into your system, even if your old password was compromised.

Update Firmware

Another simple way to strengthen you security footage access is to always keep your firmware updated. A lot of times, criminals get access by figuring out the firmware’s vulnerabilities. Manufacturers are always coming out with updates and patches in order to combat these issues so be sure to keep your system up-to-date and look out for new updates.

Rethink Using a Cloud

If you’re considering using a cloud server to store your recordings, you should decide if their advantages outweigh their disadvantages. With a cloud, all of your security footage will be automatically uploaded and backed up onto an online cloud server. It’s convenient because it doesn’t require physical storage, but clouds are susceptible to hacking which means your security footage could be accessed by others.. However, like security camera manufacturers, cloud providers frequently come out with updates to fix vulnerabilities.

Router Security

Your surveillance system is not the only thing that needs security; the router that your system is connected to will also require sufficient security. When you connect your devices to your router, you are opening up a pathway from the devices to the internet that criminals can hack into. This can put your security footage at risk of being accessed. Like your surveillance system, you should strengthen your router security by changing the passwords and updating the firmware frequently.

Wrap Up

Allowing strangers to access your security footage can put you at risk of criminal activity. Protecting your security footage is just as important as protecting your cameras, and this can easily be done by practicing better password habits and keeping your firmware up-to-date.

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