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Among the reasonably priced cameras on the market, even the best ones may not capture video footage that will help you solve every crime.

Whether it is the lighting or very fast motion “like a speeding car” unless a surveillance camera is outfitted with the best lens and top-of-the-line features, it can be difficult to produce evidence in a trial that will be conclusive enough to satisfy a jury.

Technologically, however, the enhancement of video footage and audio recording has advanced to the point at which evidence can be rendered indisputable, thus providing clear court decisions and fewer unsolved cases when video is entered as evidence.

Doug Carner is the president and lead technologist for Forensic Protection, where they can actually “de-blur” captured video.

License Plate Blurry
License Plate De-Blurred

Here is what they do in a nutshell…

Surveillance companies are working on incorporating technology that is only available in forensic labs and video enhancement service providers.  The process is called de-blurring, and it is very useful if the camera was moved around a lot while taking the video.

The process is a bit tedious.  First, the horizontal and vertical paths of the each frame are integrated together, otherwise known as a kernel.  Then to reverse the blurriness, an algorithm must be applied, and may take several hours to inverse one minute of video.  Researchers are developing new algorithms that approximate frames to accelerate the method.

The moving object’s motion path is then determined and each object is then isolated and assigned its own motion kernel corrections.  From this point onward, it becomes simple.Traditional enhancement steps like pixilation suppression, focus correction, video stabilization and pixel fusion can be successfully applied.  If this is then followed by cropping, enlargement and lighting corrections, the results can be stunning.

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  1. I can recommend to always purchase the most high spec cctv cameras you can afford

  2. Sounds like a whole lot of effort to de-blur one little video or frame, but I guess it could be worth it if it helps police to catch particularly nasty criminals.

    Kath Wright
  3. Looks a brilliant product, little covert cameras really can make a difference in every day life, catching out those in the wrong and giving them what they deserve!


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