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As technology advances, jobs that were once done by humans are becoming automated. Self-checkout areas replace cashiers and people are even opting to buy roombas instead of manually vacuuming. In security, there have been debates about replacing security guards with security systems. Both sides have their pros and cons, but a better question would be: why can’t you have a hybrid surveillance system of both?

Security Guards

The biggest advantage of security guards is that their physical presence deters crime. They are also able to react quicker because they’re readily available and trained to respond appropriately. Another benefit is that they provide other services besides security purposes. While patrolling premises, guards can observe and report any safety or health hazards. However, humans have limited abilities. An individual security guard is not able to be everywhere and see everything. In order to get complete surveillance of a property, a team of security guards would need to be hired, which can be costly.

Security Systems

Unlike security guards, security cameras can be placed anywhere and provide constant surveillance. In addition, buying one security camera is cheaper than hiring one security guard. This makes it more cost efficient because more cameras can be purchased to cover more ground. A security system can also record footage which may be useful in solving crimes. But one disadvantage is that cameras can only record what is happening. If someone were to break into a business to rob them, the camera won’t be able to do anything to stop it from happening. Not only that, the footage it records could be unhelpful if the burglars are careful to disguise their appearances.

Solution: Hybrid Surveillance System

Security guards and security systems have their disadvantages, but a solution exists for their shortcomings. A hybrid surveillance system would utilize both of these things to create a superior security experience. In this model, having a security system would be an extension of security guards, not a replacement. With the help of security systems, a single guard would be able to gain the visibility of a team of guards, but without the extra costs. The security guard will still provide the needed physical presence, with the addition of being able to survey every area. Furthermore, this surveillance method will allow the security guard to take action if needed, along with recording footage that could be helpful afterwards.

Even though we can’t recommend any security guards, 2M offers a variety of security systems that will suit any business. Be sure to check out the different options and speak with a consultant if you have any doubts.

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