IDEAL 35-088

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Stripping Notch Electrical Scissors, Serrated Surface on Back-Side of Blade, For Electrical and Telephone Wiring, Cut #16 AWG Solid/#12 AWG Stranded Wire

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True Electrician's Stripping Notch Scissors


This pair of professional scissors is an indespensable tool for every electrical technician. The 35-088 from Ideal-Industries is a heavy-duty set with stripping notches and a serrated surface to sleekly snip right through #16 AWG solid and #12 AWG stranded wire. Use the razor-sharp 35-088 generously, with blades that stay sharp, this pair of electricians's scirssors is designed for frequent use.



Product Features:


  • Serrated Surface on Back-Side of Blade
  • Ideal for Electrical and Telephone Wiring
  • Tears through #16 AWG Solid and #12 AWG Stranded Wire
  • Stripping Notch




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