IDEAL 45-321

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Cable/Satellite/CCTV Coax Stripper, Strips RG-6 & RG-59, Easy-to-Manage

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IDEAL 45-321 Cable/Satellite/CCTV Coax Stripper


Strip and prepare your coax cables for installation with this coax stripper. The 45-321 from Ideal-Industries consolidates your work into two easy steps. Use this stripper to first removes your outer cable sheating and then your inner wire sheating to obtain a precise fit.This economy coax stripper is self-reliant, no adjustments are needed with the proficient 45-321. 


Product Features:


  • Designed for fast and easy 1/4" x 1/4" strip lengths
  • Blades auto-adjust to different diameter coax cables
  • Spinner ring for fast stripping
  • Strips RG-6/6 Quad and RG-59 coax cable



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